Once Upon A Time In Rhode Island
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Neutaconkanut Hill is a remarkable eminence in Johnston, and commands a magnificent view of the surrounding cities.  At one time in the 70’s,.....                                                                                   


As the development of digital cameras came of age, so did my flair for pictures of  (historic?) “oddities” throughout Rhode Island.  In the next few (years??), I will submit some poignant pictures of  my sometimes dangerous treks and searches for the “next big thing” onto which I may had (or have) stumbled.  The description(s) will be as accurate as possible, however, any input, comments criticisms or (complaints) may be posted or emailed to me.

A dangerous environment to actually have been used for skiing...

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tuesday july 29, 2010


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

As part of the route 195 relocation project, the catalyst toward completion is mainly demolition of the old elevated 195 on ramp that we all  so fondly remember.  However, the area included here is located at the end of eddy street in Providence, where....

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The Few, The Proud, The Homeless...

The Original Route 10  April 8, 2010The_Original_Route_10.html

The Bridge Of Sighs April 8, 2010



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   Tunnel Vision

Bridge Depot

In the wake of  development near Charles Street in Providence, a small footprint remains...
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