Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Albert Harkness, architect. The California Artificial Flower Company (known as Cal-Art) was founded in 1922 by Michael D'Agnillo, an Italian immigrant, who turned his hobby of making paper and cloth flowers into a means of support. The flowers were first used by stores in their display windows, but soon were sold to the general public as their popularity increased for home use. Completed in 1939, the Cal-Art factory is a 3-story brick structure with a continuous band of windows around each of the three stories. Distinctive features of this Art-Deco industrial building are the tall octagonal tower with the name of the company in elongated letters around the top and the stainless-steel marquee with similar lettering. In the 1950s the Cal-Art Company began manufacturing plastic flowers and fruits which are now their primary products, although paper flowers are still produced on a smaller scale.

The main reason I posted this was to display a predominately unknown stream that flows behind the building, and underneath the property.  This little stream is not listed on any map, nor can I find an inkling of info regarding it’s being.  My guess is that it may not be a stream at all.  Just water from a storm, or  it could be a small stream that flows into Mashapaug pond, to small to be listed.  I will return there again to get a better look.