Barry’s, Barry’s, Barry’s...


Past Ventures


To this day I can see, hear smell and feel our mid eighties Barry’s adventure(s) that paved the way for our fruitful, sharp shooting attempts to overcome each and every “competitor” in the club.  The arrival of Friday night was sensational.  A plethora of good feelings, inner excitement and imaginary possibilities that set us over the top for what was in store. 

An 8:30 sharp appearance of my friend set the mood for our Friday night “big dig”.  Nice enough to bring the six pack, which was soon to be so eloquently ingested as a “pump primer”,  Bill was conservatively dressed for a “business as usual” Friday soiree, as was I.  A usual mix and match of colors had given both of us a wide range of apparel from which to choose.  This was the ticket. . . The ticket to a paradise above and beyond our universal and mundane connections that filled a day’s work for a day’s pay.

With one more check out in the mirror, we were on our way to Barry’ us, a quantum leap with the hope of never turning back.


April 10, 2008